LAHORE/ ISLAMABAD – There will be no electricity and gas loadshedding on Eid holidays (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) all over the country, while the ‘Eid gift’ also includes retaining the POL prices for the second half of the month.

All the power distribution companies had been advised to not conduct loadshedding on three days provided that there would be no technical problems, a government spokesman said.

Similarly, management of SNGPL has decided to not conduct gas load management for CNG stations in its limits.

 An official notification, in this regard, is likely to be issued on Tuesday (today).

Also, despite upward trend so far witnessed in the international oil market, the PPP-led government has decided to provide relief to the masses by maintaining the prices of petroleum products at the present level from August 16 as an ‘Eid gift’.

This heart winning move ahead of the Eid will certainly be welcomed by the masses, presently experiencing the worst economic crisis of the country’s history.

But following this decision of maintaining the prices of petroleum products at current level, the per litre price of petrol would stand at the present level of Rs 93.57, HOBC Rs 120.16, kerosene oil Rs 92.83, high speed diesel (HSD) Rs 101.79 and light diesel oil (LDO) Rs 90.11.

In accordance with a summary of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra), the prices of petroleum products were to be increased up to Rs 4.85 per litre by August 16. It was proposed in the Ogra summary that the per litre price of petrol should be increased by Rs 3.21, HOBC by Rs 4.85, kerosene oil Rs 3.52, HSD by Rs 4.40 and LDO by Rs3.19. However, keeping in view the miseries of the overburdened people, the regulatory body, which is supposed to protect the rights of consumers, also recommended no raise in the prices of products to the government.

Adviser to Prime Minister on Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr Asim Hussain told media persons on Monday said the price of petroleum products would remain unchanged during second half of August on account of Eid. He said the decision was aimed at providing relief to the masses.

He also said the government had decided to decrease the imposed petroleum levy on petrol by Rs 2.87/litre, HOBC Rs 4.18/litre, kerosene oil Rs 3.03/litre, HSD Rs 3.79/litre and LDO by Rs 2.75/litre.

The adviser also asserted that owing to non-cooperation of provincial governments, the Centre was facing the whole burden of subsidy worth of Rs 2 billion.