ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has submitted privileged and adjournment motions in the National Assembly Secretariat against the migration of Hindu families from Sindh to India.

In the privileged motion, it has been said the government remained unsuccessful in protecting the minorities due to which the privilege of PML-N, being the representative party of minorities, had been undermined. In the adjournment motion, it is highlighted that the image of Pakistan in the international community has received a blow because of the migration of Hindu minorities; therefore; the issue should be taken up in the National Assembly.

More than five MNAs of PML-N- including Dr Nelson Azeem, Dr Darshan, Areesh Kumar, Chief whip Sheikh Aftab and Junaid Anwar - have presented the two motions in the Lower House of Parliament. According to the text of the motions, the life, property and honour of Hindus is not safe in Pakistan, while the federal government is not taking action to resolve the matter. The adjournment motion says the migration of Hindus is a serious and critical matter, and it should be debated in the National Assembly.