VEHARI - On the Independence Day, local people have demanded an operation against wheelies to avoid road mishaps and save their precious lives.

Every year, youngsters have a plan of wheeling on busy roads. Last year, more than 6 people died and countless youngsters suffered serious injuries on Independence Day because of wheeling and high-speed bikes. They said that it is a responsibility of the district police to handle the situation. Police should erect pickets on every busy road to stop the violators, they said.

To a question, Syed Ali Nasir said that the police had prepared a plan to tackle the situation. He explained that at every chowk and congested area, police will be high alert to catch the bikers in and speeders. Patrolling will continue on the occasion more than before in city area so that ordinary people can easily celebrate the August 14. This is the duty of parents to have a look at their children on that day and not to let them go on non-silencer bikes.  Dr Abid, in-charge 1122 Vehari, regretted that people make hoax calls to celebrate the day and they face a lot of hurdles when they want to recognise genuine causalities.