ISLAMABAD - London Olympics ended after 17 days of competitive action, these Olympics were arguably one of the most successful events ever held on the planet. Despite the threats of terrorism, British security and related departments along with their passionate people handled the pressure accordingly and all the related persons deserve a big credit for organising the Olympics in a befitting manner.

Although once again Americans finished ahead of others with a total of 104 medals, which include 46 gold, 29 silver and same amount of bronze medals, hats off to China who gave a real run for their money to Americans and led the points table for 14 days in running before the US finally prevailed just because of their superior numbers and participation in maximum events. China end the Olympics as runners-up with total of 87 medals which include 38 gold, 27 silver and 22 bronze medals, but they have sounded out a clear warning to their bitter opponents US that by the 2014 Rio de Janeiro Olympics China would not sit back with consolation.

Olympics would be long remembered in the memories of the British people and athletes as they have rewrite their names in the history books by ending up in the third spot and winning a total of 65 medals which include 29 gold, 17 silver and 19 bronze medals, a feat which was achieved after almost a century in the history of British sports.

Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth, who rewrites Olympics history by becoming the only athlete who not only retain his both 100m and 200m titles, but also went on to win the third gold in Men's 100m relay for his country Jamaica and smashing the world record in this particular event in the process.

These Olympics once again end in despair for the entire Pakistani nation as Pakistan took part in four events with a total of 37 contingent, but all our athletes including hockey team failed to win even a single medal for the country and returned empty handed. On the other hand, if we look at our nearest neighbor Afghanistan, who is in turmoil for more than three decades but hats off to their fighting sprit, they managed to win a bronze medal in London Olympics.

After this debacle performance in the London Olympics,  POA and other sporting bodies must sit together and instead of blaming each other, they must chalk out a comprehensive plan how to improve the fast declining standard of sports in Pakistan. One thing is quite clear government had to provide sufficient funds to sporting bodies to enable them to compete against others, but the federations also have to keep in mind the limitations, they have to utilize the available funds to best of their capacities and the top priority must be given on the betterment of players and coaches not the officials who just accompany the players for a joy ride.

Another important thing is that the POA should focus on individuals’ participation in the Games instead of teams as almost Rs 700 millions spent on the hockey team hoping that they will bring laurels for the country but all went in vain. Had this amount spent on various interval players and they were made ready fully in more than 25 events then Pakistan could have hoped for earning any medal in the Olympics.

Pakistan is blessed with natural talent the only need is to find and groom the raw talent in to world beaters as the players are capable of beating any given opponent. It is the national and moral duty of all the federations to produce the players who could win medals for country at international level, and this is by no means unachievable as only honesty and dedication is required to achieve this goal.