PESHAWAR – After pickpocketing by men in various bazaars of the city, now females have also started pickpocketing in Sadr and other busy shopping centres of Peshawar, as several people have been deprived of cash and mobiles.

As the Eid is nearing, the main bazaars and busy shopping centres presented a crowded look where both male and female pick-pocket are engaged to earn some thing for their children with illegal means. 

A person who met with this kind of incident in Peshawar Sadr informed on condition anonymity that a female requested him to drop her few yards away from the bazaar, when he allowed the woman and dropped her few yards away, she had broken his pocket by stealing Rs 3000. “When the woman takes on the seat of the bike, she engaged him in long discussion and by the way she has operated my pocket. When the female takes off the seat and disappeared in crowded bazaar, I noticed that my pocket is empty” the looted person said.

He said that this kind of incident were also happened on University road, GT road and Kohat road where both male and female are engaged in this business.  He advised to avoid such people who requesting for dropping him on some destination.

It is worth mentioning here that every day dozen of FIRs are being registered by the masses regarding mobile theft and cash looting. Though police have experience to identify such people but despite of this they have not taken practical step has to bring these person to book.

Meanwhile, the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Department has upgraded the following Chief Clinical Tech: (Pathology) BS-16 to the post of Clinical Technologist (Pathology) BS-17 with immediate effect.

They include Sayyar Muhammad- KTH Peshawar, Muhammad Mursalin- DHQH Mardan, Muhammad Zulfiqar- HMC Peshawar, Syed Fazal Shah-DHQH Charsadda, Ghulam Rabbani-SGTH Swat and others.

, Muhammad Tariq-DHQH Mardan, Amanul Haq-KTH Peshawar, Riaz Khan-LRH Peshawar, Gul Hakim - AHQH Bajour, Abdul Latif-KTH Peshawar, Raj Wali-LRH Peshawar, Mehboobur Rehman - KMC Peshawar, Qazi Muhammad Ali- LRH Peshawar and Ahmad Gul - HMC Peshawar.