LAHORE-Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khosa has asked Punjab government to reduce the percentage of marks for interview in respect of low cadre posts in order to promote merit and to forestall misuse of discretion.

He has also recommended to the government to provide free OPD treatment to government servants and pensioners for 15 different categories of diseases in line with the policy of federal government.  

The governor made these recommendations while disposing of different petitions filed against the orders of Provincial Ombudsmen. On a petition filed by one, Raheel, against the order of Provincial Ombudsman, the governor has noted in his order that according to the Recruitment Policy 2004, maximum 50 marks have been earmarked for educational qualification, 10 marks for experience/higher qualification and 40 marks for interview. While investigating complaints, it has been observed that candidates with better academic record are often relegated to lower positions in merit by awarding disproportionately higher marks to a candidate of lesser academic merit. “It is, therefore, necessary to reduce the marks for interview to ensure merit”, the governor wrote in his concluding remarks. 

In respect of an appeal filed by Mr Ejaz Ahmad, the governor ordered secretary education to see why 40 per cent of children of school going age were not being imparted primary education. Khosa also asked him to assess the performance of schools in various districts and take punitive action against those responsible for deterioration in the standard of education.

On a petition filed by Sheikh Zulfiqar Ali Kasuri, the governor recommended to the Punjab government to provide free medial treatment to government servants and pensioners for 15 diseases instead of only three. “Government of the Punjab shall ensure that civil pensioners of the Provincial Government evidently being similarly circumstanced at par with employees of the Federal Government are not discriminated against any further in relation to extension of reimbursement facility of OPD treatment in the case of 15 chronic diseases, they invariably are equally exposed to”, he maintained.