TOBA TEK SINGH - Human rights activist Rev Fr Bonnie Mendes said that on August 11, 1948, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah gave a vision to the nation that its citizens are free to practice their religion and free to go temples, mosques or any other worship place.

He added it is unfortunate that Hindu community in Pakistan was facing problems. Mendes said in his speech delivered to the gathering of youth of Faisalabad Diocese in St. Peter’s High School. He said that everyone should condemn such act. He blamed that the Hindu girls were forcibly taken away and raped in Sindh province.

PML-N Senator Hamza said that it was a bad news that hundreds of Hindu families had decided to migrate to India. He added that the PPP governments in Centre and provinces had completely failed to control the separation movement in Balochistan and discrimination with Hundus in Sindh.

Workers Party Pakistan leader Fateh Muhammad said that Hindu girls were being converted to Islam on the behest of ruling feudal lords of Sindh and human rights were being violated. Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf leader Ghiasuddin Janbaz stated that Hindus and all minorities had equal rights in Pakistan but the rulers were busy looting the national exchequer.

Labour Party Pakistan district secretary Tariq Mahmood and rights activists Ashfaq Fateh and Ms Rafia Salomi also expressed great concern over the migration of Hindus from Pakistan to India.