RAWALPINDI - Inmates of Adiala Jail are starting to suffer from various diseases due to unhygienic conditions as well as contaminated food and water.

It has been learnt that prisoners are deprived of clean water and are often served expired food, which has led to breakout of several diseases amongst the inmates. At least one hundred patients are said to be suffering from contagious disease TB raising concerns amongst the health officials. The unhygienic conditions in jail have also given rise to several diseases.

Sources said that prisoners more then the capacity of Central Jail Adiala are accommodated in it as they were already troubled due to lack of basic facilities. An alarming increase has been witnessed in the number of patients due to inappropriate food and contaminated water. It was learnt that over 100 inmates have been suffering from tuberculoses.

It should be mentioned here that prisoners were jailed for their crimes but they are not denied basic amenities anywhere in the world. Thus provision of clean drinking water and hygienic food should be ensured to them.