RAJANPUR - Two shopkeepers, residents of village Kot Tahir, who were kidnapped on June 17, 2012, returned home after paying Rs5 million ransom.

Asif Hussain Jogiyani and Bilal Ahmed were on their way to home when they were intercepted by five gunmen who kidnapped them and brought them first to Rakni, Balochistan and then to Baikar.  They spoke Sindhi and Seraeki language. At first, they demanded Rs12 million and then agreed to reduce it to Rs5 million. They announced the last of date August 14 to pay the ransom.

“Our parents sold their ancestral lands, ornaments, livestock and the dowries of our sisters and paid the kidnappers Rs5 million which resulted in our release,” said the released persons. Their fathers Riaz Ahmad and Muhammad Ali Dumra said that on June 28 they reached City Police Station but the policemen did not register their case.

They requested Punjab chief minister and the chief justice of Pakistan to take a notice of the situation and provide them with justice.