KHYBER AGENCY: Following threats from the outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban the mobile cell-phone dealers in Landi Kotal Bazaar shut down shops on Monday, fearing attacks from the militant group, according to reports.

An Urdu language pamphlet distributed by the TTP in Landi Kotal Bazaar warned that the mobile dealers in the market were promoting vulgarity by uploading obscene movies, songs and ringtones in cell phones which they said were unIslamic. The pamphlet moreover said that the dealers must give up their businesses or face action.

The warning on a letter-head of the TTP threatened the shopkeepers saying: “The mobile businesses which are promoting these activities are totally unIslamic so the money earned from these businesses is also “haram” and must be given up; those not complying would be dealt with sternly.” “Muslims help and support their fellow brothers but you are their enemies as your mobile market is openly promoting vulgarity through songs, movies, ringtones, other material and you are a part of it,” it warned.

About two dozen mobile shops were shut down after the threat and shopkeepers called upon the government to provide them protection. A few months back the militants had targeted the Landi Kotal Bazaar’s mobile market destroying more than 10 shops dealing in cell phones.—Agencies/Monitoring