Sometimes I feel I have lost my Pakistan, my motherland which was no doubt the land of my dreams and desires. I still remember the days when I was a school boy, my grandma used to tell me the stories of the making of Pakistan with tearful eyes; how young girls were brutally raped and innocent children were slaughtered before the very eyes of their mothers by the Hind extremists and how the houses were set on fire and the Muslims were dragged out and then stabbed to death; but at the end of every story the grandma used to wipe off her eyes and say, “My son! That is all over now. Thank God – we have an independent homeland of our own.” But now when I myself am a grown up man and my grandmother had long ago bid farewell to this world, things have changed a lot. Extremism, terrorism, sectarian divide, corruption, exploitation, target killing and extortion have distorted the peaceful and serene face of my country. The present day Pakistan no more seems to me a land of my dreams and desires. What am I going to hand over to my children; very often this thought frightens me a lot.

The basic reason behind this  all deterioration is that we have been detracted from the actual and original path which guides us to our actual destination of peace and tranquility. According to the true teachings of Islam, we the people of a Muslim country must have been the messengers of peace and harmony and certainly a role model for the whole of the world like Sufi saints who are loved, cherished and followed as symbols of Islamic philosophy even when they are no more in this world. The main quest of Sufism has always been to explore inner and concealed meanings of the Holy Quran and become a perfect man following the guideline provided by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).Unfortunately we have deprived ourselves of all that precious treasure of serene guidance and sublime supervision because of our intentional carelessness.


Multan, August 13.