Nearly three hundred Egyptians, most of them Morsi supporters, have been killed in the process already, with eighty of them shot dead by security forces on July 27, and by the look of it, even worse massacres of Morsi supporters could follow, landing the country into a civil war, because the criminals passing for Egyptian 'government' have announced, through their 77-year-old puppet Hazem el-Biblawi, known as interim prime minister, but actually a mouth-piece of Gen. El-Sessi, that diplomacy phase has ended and that the government's decision to dismantle the protest camps was final and its patience had nearly expired.

Biased views of the foreign delegates can be gauged by the fact that many of them are not prepared to call Gen. El-Sessi's overthrow of a legally-elected government a military coup, which it was! While some more ardent supporters of military rule in Egypt have called the move a ‘course-correction’ for the revolution, which will strengthen democracy, just imagine the lengths to which these self-professed lovers of democracy can go to justify their immoral stand. It is also surprising as to how the brave Egyptian people, who took a united stand against a military dictator of 32 years standing and managed to throw him out, establishing a democratic government, have so easily fallen into the trap laid out by another military dictator!

Instead of allowing another dictator to get deeply entrenched and then making all those sacrifices once again to get rid of him, would it not be better for El-Sessi supporters to join hands with Morsi, and together try to improve things for all of them? Before being overthrown by the military, Morsi had also offered to negotiate with his opponents and if this line was pursued, they sure could have come to some arrangement but the army chief, who had planned his takeover long time back, moved fast and eliminated the chances of an agreement between Mohamed Morsi and his opponents. The present Egyptian army's officer class, nearly a thousand of whom go for training to America each year, and which gets US $1.3 billion a year plus other generous military aid from the United States, is of course a very useful tool in running

So, a lot of mismanagement which President Morsi is being accused of was mischief done by the Egyptian army to create and spread dissatisfaction against President Mohamed Morsi and thus paveing the way for a military takeover in the garb of a popular movement by the masses. I think supporters and opponents of President Mohamed Morsi would do well to join hands and sort out their problems through negotiations, send the puppet government packing and the army back to their barracks, with Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sessi given an early discharge at least. Democracy won after huge sacrifices should not be thrown away in such a casual and thoughtless manner.


Karachi, August 11.