Our present ‘feudal’ democratic system caters to the rich politicians but is an unbearable financial burden on the poor nation. A President is a ceremonial post and a heavy burden on a poor country, which is at a standstill in development. Senate seats are filled, either through party selection or reportedly acquired through bribery; the reserved seats are filled through selection. All these people enter the political arena for personal gains; there is no representation for the poor classes.

Appointment of provincial governors is unnecessary in the presence of elected CMs and elected assemblies. MNA’s and MPA’s receive pays and perks without doing anything, some of them never attend any assembly session and may not utter a single word to solve any problem of their constituencies, which shows they are not interested in any development. All resolutions that could help the poor are shelved, while bills, giving them extra benefits are passed through in minutes! Making a mockery of democracy in Pakistan!

As such, Presidency, Senate, reserved seats and governor posts can be dispensed with to lessen financial burden on the poor nation, without any negative effect on daily life of common man. Parliament and Provincial Assemblies’ sessions are held for a limited number of days. Therefore, attendance of all MNAs and MPAs should be mandatory, except leave on compassionate grounds or sickness. PML-N government may kindly examine this possibility in conformity with Islamic teachings of austerity to save every penny for welfare of the people and to make the assemblies more effective.

The opposition may kindly support the PML-N in this respect to make the modified parliamentary system suitable for this poor and debt-ridden nation. Then maybe the nation will trust PML-N to keep their promise of change and betterment of which we have not seen any sign till now. Governments should bring changes that will help this country grow and develop rather than allowing another team of plunderers to take over.


Rawalpindi, August 11.