On August 12, International Youth Day (IYD) was being observed in the world including Pakistan. The day has a lot of significance for our country as we have more than 50 percnet youth. We have seen developed countries providing their youth with more and more opportunities for growth. This ensures better future and progress for the younger generation. In other words, neglecting the youth is disastrous for any country therefore we must ensure a better tomorrow for our youth.

In context of Pakistan, lack of skills as well as counseling, is the biggest issue for our youth. Therefore, they are unable to start a business and dependent only on employment, especially on government jobs, as a result, not only unemployment ratio has increased but the government is also unable to provide jobs to all that qualify the exams. To cope with these serious issues solid steps need to be taken on emergency basis, including launching of various skills programs.

We have the example of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program (BBSYDP) launched in 2008 which has successfully trained over 148,000 youth ranges between ages of 18 and 35 in about 400 various employable trades with the incentives of the payment of stipends and providing relevant training material. Scores of thousands have been trained so far.

These achievements of BBSYDP have inspired the World Bank, and they have funded BBSYDP trainings in the name of Sindh Skills Development Project (SSDP) to train 45,000 youth in three years. To analyse and evaluate the current progress and for the future improvements they also conducted the Tracer Study Graduate Survey, Training Need Assessment (TNA), Interactive Orientation Sessions, road shows etc

No doubt such programs will help eliminate poverty, improve the standard of living among the poor people and reduce the frustration among youth. Also, this program is obviously providing huge relief to the government sector jobs and encouragement to the private sector, the trainees may starts their own business and earn a respectable livelihood. It is a role model for the other provinces and after its success in Sindh; it may be introduced in the other provinces as well.


Karachi, August 11.