ISLAMABAD - Following the decision of Election Commission of Pakistan allowing Anjum Aqeel Khan to contest by-elections from NA-48, Islamabad, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) has also decided to take him as party candidate instead of Ch. Ashraf Gujjar, who was earlier given the party ticket.

Sources in the party informed The Nation on Tuesday that now Anjum Aqeel instead of Ch. Ashraf Gujjar would be the party candidate from this constituency as the latter was conditionally given party ticket and as now Anjum Aqeel was allowed by the ECP to contest elections, so he would be party candidate now.

It is pertinent to mention here that Anjum Aqeel was given party ticket on July 29 just a day before withdrawal of the candidature and filing of the party ticket with the Returning Officer. But as the counsel of Anjum Aqeel had withdrawn his nomination papers without his consent and the Returning Officer had refused to entertain his plea of restoring his candidature the party leadership was left with no choice but to award party ticket to Ch. Ashraf Gujjar.

In the meanwhile the party leadership had assured Anjum Aqeel Khan that in case the Election Commission of Pakistan would allow him to contest the elections he would be the party candidate instead of Ch. Ashraf Gujjar.

The sources in the party said that with the return of Anjum Aqeel as party candidate now PML-N has come back in the contest, which otherwise was greatly in favour of Paksitan Tehreek-I-Insaf candidate Asad Umar, who has been campaigning in the area for the past couple of months and also have the backing of Jamaat-I-Islami candidate from this constituency Mian Aslam who had withdrawn his nomination papers in favour of PTI.

Anjum Aqeel Khan, a former MNA from this constituency, had lost last general elections to PTI stalwart Makhdoom Javid Hashmi and remained runners up. But this time with PML-N government both at Centre and Punjab he (Anjum) seemed quite confident to turn the table on his apparently strong opponent.