Professor Anita Ghulam Ali departed from us on August 18th; she was an institution in herself. Professor Anita was a popular voice in the early days of Radio Pakistan. She joined Radio Pakistan Karachi in 1950 as an English newscaster, and remained associated with it for around two decades. She, along with Jahanara Saeed, Anees Ghulam Ali, Khadija Naqvi, Aslam Azhar and Rizwan Wasti were household names, who took their jobs seriously. In those days reading news required intensive training, coupled with determination, commitment and a sharp mind.

Professor Anita Ghulam Ali said that the organisation had arranged a tutor for them, a BBC newsreader who taught them pronunciation and diction, among other things, for six months. He would sit outside the studio and the minute they came out, he would point out all the words they had mispronounced while reading the bulletin.

Nowadays the anchors and news readers are chosen for how pretty they look. Professor Anita Ghulam Ali also served as education minister of Sindh and chief executive of Sindh Education Foundation. She also served in an advisory role on education to the Governor Sindh. She represented Pakistan at various international forums of education and development.


Islamabad, August 10.