KARACHI - Commissioner Karachi, Administrator Karachi and Director General of Sindh Building Control Authority have appreciated the efforts of Association Builders and Developers (ABAD), Pakistan for its efforts in development and role in foreign investment in the country.

According to the details, Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui visited at the three-day Abad International Expo 2014 at Expo Center Karachi with other high level administrative officers.

During the visit he said that Abad International Expo 2014 is playing a key role for the promotion of constructive activities, development and stability of Pakistan.

Talking to media, he said that the participation of more than 24 representatives of the countries in the expo would play an important role in highlighting the image of the country.

He said government was resolving the issues faced by the construction industry on priority, and in this regard, they had paid special focus on those issues. Siddiqui added that construction sector was providing employment to millions of technical and non-technical people.

He said along with constructive projects, Abad ensures establishment of ramps for special persons and floor parking. He said the exhibition would set a milestone for the country’s development, the struggle of ABAD for homeless people was admirable, as it would help raise the construction industry.

While, Administrator Karachi Rauf Akhter Farooqui also attended the ceremony as chief guest in the occasion of “role of construction industry in the national economy” organized by ABAD during its International Expo 2014. Administrator Karachi in his speech said in order to eliminate the land mafia in Karachi, the construction of about one Lac 15 thousand houses every year to cater to the needs of ever increasing city population.

The city still needs 9 million houses should contribute in its progress and development. No organisation could solve the problems of Karachi without having resources for this. 

Administrator Karachi said we need to think on national level for solving the problems in Karachi because Karachi was the only city of Pakistan where people from all over the country come and settled.

Low cost housing schemes should begin immediately for solving the residential problems so that citizens could avail the houses on cheaper prizes.

Special schemes should also be initiated for the development of katchi abadies (slums areas), commercial banks should offer loan schemes so that citizens could get the loan on easy terms.

Administrator Karachi said the problems in Karachi had not been emerged overnight but were increased gradually. Karachi would not have in this condition had these problems were solved on time.

The city’s master plan and all the assessments of city planners proved wrong with this enormous increase in the city population.

He said out of the 25million population about 65 percent was living in the city slums which had been inhabited without any planning. The city needs huge resources for solving these problems along with special attention.

He said the city needs 1000mgd water whereas only 350mgd was available to citizens hence we need to initiate work on K-IV project immediately. Despite all this the citizens of Karachi were not depressed and they knew that the city has a bright future and key role in strengthening the national economy.

On the other side, Director General of Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) Manzoor Qadir during his visit at the Expo, said that due to special attention by Sindh Government has developed trust in the citizens, it is good for the development of constructive activities and construction industry.

On the occasion he directed the holders of SBCA’s stall to aware the citizens about the rule and regulations of SBCA and modern facilities in the residential and commercial construction sites.

He also greeted the chairman ABAD Mohsin Sheikhani and other officer bearers to success of the Expo.