Dogs were unleashed on a seven-year-old girl over an old enmity.

Residents of Moza Sangarwahan near Ahmadpur East, Ranjhoo and his son Shahid has some bad blood between Muhammad Saleem and their rivalry has been going on for years. As a result of the hatred, accused Ranjhoo and Shahid went to Muhammad Saleem’s house where Saleem’s daughter Umaira was playing outside her house. Ranjhoo and Shahid unleashed dogs on Umaira who attacked her as a result of which she got critically injured. When Saleem heard his daughter screaming, he came out of the house. He tried to save his daughter and the dogs also injured him. They were taken immediately to the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital while Police of the Saddar police have registered a case against the accused.

RAPE: Resident of Kotla Baqir Shah near Mubarakpur Nazeer Ahmad stated his 7 years old daughter Saima was raped by Hafiz Muhammad Saleem, a resident of the same area. Saima was taken to the hospital in critical condition where doctors have referred her to Bahawal Victoria Hospital Bahawalpur where she is under medical treatment. Police have registered the FIR against the accused named Hafiz Muhammad Saleem on the complaint of Nazeer Ahmad.