KARACHI - Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad in his Independence Day message called for removing mutual differences. The sacrifices rendered by our ancestors for a separate and independent state for the muslims of undivided India hold no parallel in history, said the governor. He said it was incumbent upon present inhabitants of Pakistan to cherish, in its truest sense, the dream that came true through loss of thousands of lives and immense hardships rendered by men, women and children in 1947 and earlier. "The noblest tribute is to forge unity in our ranks and overcome our differences to turn the beloved homeland a progressive and a developed country," said Dr Ebad. He said Pakistanis as a nation could tackle all difficulties and challenges through sincerity of purpose, mutual respect, confidence on their capacities and absolute faith on the Allah Almighty. The Governor reiterated that each and every Pakistani has to play his or her role to help the country gain a unique and respectable status in the world.