A special training session focusing on domestic marketing development techniques was arranged for small mango growers in order to improve their living standard.

The domestic marketing development project was launched by the government in collaboration with Australian government. Dozens of mango growers participated in the session held at Sheikhan Mango Farm Nawabpur.

Project’s Marketing Coordinator Sadaqat Ali Sheikhana said that the growers were provided information about grading, packing and maintaining quality of mangos. He stated that the local growers used to pack mangos in wooden boxes which affect the quality by injuring the fruit. The growers were advised to pack the mangos in paper boxes for attractive presentation as well as preservation.

He added that the training session would surely help ending role of middle-men and offer handsome return to small growers. On the occasion, Scientist Dr Nazim Labar, ASLP Project officer Suhail Ayaz Insari and other noted experts were also present.