On the momentous occasion of the Independence Day of Pakistan, I extend warm greetings to all countrymen and women.

    While the ideological differences between the Muslims and Hindus of British ruled sub-continent loomed large, a decision was made for division of the sub-continent. Thus began the astounding efforts of Muslims under the able leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali~Jinnah, which bore fruit on 14 August, 1947 and the creation of Pakistan became a reality. It was a hard-earned independence, marked by unparalleled sacrifices rendered by the Muslims of the sub-continent. Indeed, everyone remained steadfast in the face of heavy odds until a separate and sovereign country came into being.

    Being successors to such fearless and determined predecessors, Pakistani people, since independence have set unprecedented examples to preserve their precious freedom. Whether it was a war, a natural calamity or heinous attempts by the extremists to disrupt our peaceful way of life, the nation has always stood like a rock. No doubt, being a resilient nation blessed with vast mineral and natural resources, we have immense potential to meet the future challenges and rise to the top of the comity of nations. Our great Quaid also highlighted this aspect and urged us to keep up the hard work to attain zenith of glory:

    “You are made of the sterling material and are second to none. Why should you also not succeed like many others, like your own forefathers. . ..Live up to your traditions and add to it another chapter of glory.”

    My Dear Countrymen and Women! While drawing perpetual guidance from Quaid’s vision, Pakistan Air Force has made earnest efforts to modernise its fleet to meet the ever demanding challenges of the 21st Century. I feel great pride in reassuring you that the personnel of Pakistan Air Force are imbued with the unmatched spirit of sacrifice, devotion to duty and absolute commitment towards their sacred mission. May Allah Almighty guide our endeavours in fulfilling the onerous responsibility of responding to all national security challenges to our beloved motherland, in line with the wishes of the people of Pakistan! Aameen.