LAHORE  - Hailing the LHC decision over the PTI and PAT march, Imran Khan has said that he along with party men will launch a peaceful and constitutional million march towards Islamabad today.

Addressing a press conference at his residence on late Wednesday, PTI chairman said: We want resignation of prime minister and establishment of a caretaker setup which will first hold accountable all the looters, plunderers, murderers and the people who stole the 2013 elections and then form a free and transparent election commission to conduct fresh polls.”

He added: “We never demanded a technocrat setup to replace the incumbent rulers but a caretaker setup comprising non-political people for transparent across the board accountability.”

He warned the police not to harm the participants of Azadi March as they would launch a peaceful march and confrontation would start from government side and not the PTI.

Imran said PTI could not trust a commission to probe the 2013 poll rigging under the sitting government, as commission on Model Town incident did nothing instead of providing an opportunity to Gullu Butt to get bail.

Calling the youth as the driving force of the march, he asked the youth of the PTI to get ready for launching the biggest march in the history of the country.

Citing a TV report, he said it was highly shameful that Punjab Law Minister Rana Mashood was demanding bribe from a party for his chief minister.

He claimed that the present rulers murdered their opponents and framed them in false cases like they did with the workers of Dr Tahirul Qadri.

He questioned why the rulers didn’t remove the containers and release the political workers of the opposition if they believed in law and Constitution despite the LHC orders.

Imran said PTI was launching the march for bringing a real democracy in the country which would guarantee the constitutional rights of each citizen and not the selective people or the ruling elite only.