LAHORE  - Pakistan Awami Tehrik chief Dr Tahirul Qadri vow that the revolution march would be taken out at any cost. He said that strategy to come out of the cordoned off area would be formed according to the situation today.

Talking to media outside his residence Wednesday, Dr Qadri said they were in contact with the PTI leadership. He said the government minister should be ashamed of their baseless allegation of inciting violence against him. He said in 2009 Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif even used abusive language against the PPP and Asif Ali Zardari. He questioned was it constitutional. He said alleging him for inciting violence was depiction of the defeated mindset of the rulers.

Dr Qadri said that he invited all the political parties and human rights organisations for inspection Minhajul Quran Secretariat and if they find any illegal weapon, he had offered to call off his revolution call. He said their struggle was constitutional and peaceful. He said his revolution march was aimed at the uplifting of the constitution. He guaranteed there would be no violence in today’s revolution march. He said after his guarantee accusing him of violence was shameful. He said the people from every city would join the march on GT Road.

Dr Qadri said he wanted to tell the international community that he totally believed in the country’s constitution. He said the purpose of his march was restoration of the constitution in its essence. He said they wanted transparency and devolution of power and participatory democracy.

He said the Lahore High Court had ordered to remove the containers placed on the roads leading to Model Town but the government filed a review petition against that order. He said the court had rejected the review petition as well which meant that the first orders of the court prevailed. He said the government did not act upon the court order so far.

Dr Qadri criticised the system where Gullu Butt was set free. He said there was ‘Gullucracy’ rather than democracy.

He accused the ruling party of patronising terrorists who possibly could attack him and his workers. He said their destination was Islamabad and revolution. He said he was in contact with the MQM leadership.