There is no doubt that PML-N would have won the 2013 elections if a few of its candidates had displayed moral courage, and not to get involved in alleged rigging. The anger on the streets in cities, towns and villages is motivated by issues such as inflation and price escalation which has broken the back of the lower and middle class in this country, whilst massive corruption has denied them any access to relief, and it is this factor which Imran Khan is exploiting. Within just over a year of being elected, this government faces public outrage and anger from the same people who voted for them. The smart thing would be for the Nawaz government to play a new tune and change their strategy.

He must immediately improve governance and appoint qualified Pakistani nationals, of which there is no dearth, to head all state owned corporations, regulatory authorities etc. It is not just power shutdowns, but a rise in the cost of electricity, which has had a negative impact on middle class, because these utility charges consume almost half of their monthly average, with balance insufficient to pay for education and feed the family.

The escalation in basic food item price, due to indirect taxation, has further made life difficult. If he fails to do this he will face the wrath of angry masses, and in the process damage consolidation of democracy in this country, as envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam, who wanted Pakistan to be a modern democratic welfare state, where the will of the people is supreme and the state, with all its paid bureaucracy, is there to serve the people not to rob them, in accordance with the constitution.


Lahore, August 10.