Let us assume that both Qadri and Imran are acting under the best of intentions and they truly want to change the plight of the common man. Certainly, it is hard to disagree with their criticism of the incumbent government and with most of their demands, but what if, after this entire political showdown the predicament of the common man becomes bleaker? What if all this culminates in anarchy? No doubt there are serious issues of governance and the current regime does not seem very democratic but, even a semblance of government is better than no government at all.

What concerns me is that both Imran and Qadri don’t seem to have a clear follow-up plan, even if they succeed in toppling the sitting government. Whenever asked about “what next” or how they see the events unfolding after August 14, they have failed to give a satisfactory answer. They seem to be at a loss as to the consequences of this ‘political face-off’ and that is perturbing. Who would we blame, if after all this drama, we end up even deeper into the hole? Regardless of the earnestness of their designs and the nobility of their aims, can Imran and Tahirul Qadri give us a guarantee that their actions would not lead us into another quagmire? History has shown that political actions taken with the best of intentions have ended in disasters. Have both these political leaders given any thought to the unintended consequences of their “marches”? Truth be told, it is not their intention or demand, but the impracticality and uncertainty of their plans flusters and unnerves me.


Lahore, August 9.