Rev Shahid Mehraj  - Rev Shahid Mehraj Dean of Lahore Cathedral shared his joys by offering prayers to mark and celebrate Independence Day of Pakistan. “This is a day of reflection to evaluate our contributions towards making our beloved country a progressive land of development opportunities. The real independence lies in breaking away the clutches of poverty, corruption and nepotism by promoting peace and justice,” he said in a statement issued here on Wednesday. This land is a home to all citizens irrespective of their religious afflictions and beliefs. At the time of independence Christians performed a defining role by casting a vote in favour of Pakistan, but unfortunately religious bigotry and prejudices have placed the religious minorities at margins, the statement further added. He said the minorities played an important role in the creation of Pakistan and stood shoulder to shoulder with their Muslim brethren in the struggle for independence.  Rev Shahid emphasized that people sitting at the helm of affairs need to think strategically to promote the culture of inclusiveness, peace and harmony in order to promote true nationalism among people of all faiths. n