A landlord, soon after killing his partner over a business dispute, was killed in a shootout with Begowala police in village Kotli Miyaani Sambrial.

Landlord Zulfiqar Ali along with his six other companions armed with kalashnikovs, stormed at the poultry farm of his business partner Sarfraz Ahmed and opened fire, killing the latter on the spot.

The accused were fleeing when the police tried to halt them after a call received on wireless. On seeing the police, the accused fleeing on two motorcycles, started firing on the policemen.

 When the police retaliated three accused fell down out of which Kamran and Mehboob were injured seriously while the main accused Zulfiqar Ali found dead there. Two accused managed to escape by dodging the chasing police.

The police arrested the injured accused and recovered big quantity automatic weapons from them.

The police have registered two separate cases against the accused, one case for killing their business partner and second case for doing encounter with police.