Altaf Hussain’s recent outburst can at best be defined as verbal haemorrhoid, for he has crossed all limits by attacking state sovereignty, and seeking foreign intervention. As long as previous civil and military regimes, including Musharraf junta, were willing to compromise public and national security by allowing organized militant gangs to indulge in street crimes, target killings, kidnapping for ransom, land grabbing, institutionalized corruption and other heinous crimes, Altaf Hussain was very supportive of the establishment and was always willing to join every government as coalition partner. It is only when political government and military establishment have jointly embarked on National Action Plan to rid this country, including its financial capital Karachi, from terrorism of all sorts and eliminate funding generated from criminal activities and when UK Government, whose passport he holds, has started investigating alleged involvement in money laundering and murder of Imran Farooq, the MQM party chief has become very irritated and angry.

Pakistan is a sovereign independent state, whose institutions such as Executive, Judiciary and NA or Senate exercise specific powers strictly in accordance with Constitution. Years of poor governance and institutionalized corruption has inculcated a culture where electoral mandate has become synonymous with abuse of power and the perception that it gives parties in power the right to subvert constitution, compromise national security, make appointments in violation of merit and do unconstitutional acts like controversial NRO, which condoned heinous crimes and massive financial corruption and grave irregularities of those who had abused their public offices. It is surprising that these political party heads respect laws and constitution of countries whose nationality they have acquired, or some other immigration status in countries where their assets are located and their families reside, because these nations have zero tolerance for criminal acts, but have no hesitation to cross all ethics and moral codes in their dealings with Pakistan. Electoral mandate does not give any political party or its head, the right to violate constitution of Pakistan or disrespect state sovereignty.


Dubai, August 3.