Senator Siraj-ul-Haq

The establishment of Pakistan was not only the achievement of a state but according to Quaid-e-Azam, “We want to establish a free and independent state in which the Muslims can lead a life according to their religion.”

The founder of Pakistan expressed clearly in his 114 speeches and addresses that constitution of Pakistan will be under the Quran and Sunnah. When he was asked about the constitution of Pakistan he replied, ‘‘We do not need any new constitution or legislation. Our constitution is that which Allah Almighty gave us 1,400 years ago.”

In the constitution of Pakistan the basic rights of people have been guaranteed. The backward and deprived people have been assured of basic necessaries of life. The security of the interests of common man, the welfare of every citizen as well as the loyalty to state has been given importance.

But the feudals raised by British Government occupied the state with the establishment of Pakistan. Millions of Muslims sacrificed their lives and made the mass migration of world history for this freedom.

The elite class who has occupied the government wants to make the nation their slave. The political pandit who are sitting in the assemblies are the main obstacle in the rule of law. The main purpose of their politics is to free themselves from every law. The supremacy of law can not be maintained until the ruling class does not follow the rules. No state can be called democratic until the will of people is not preferred. I think that if we want to make Pakistan a welfare state then we have to keep in view its objectives.

The base of Pakistan is ---

The prosperity of the country and welfare of the nation is associated with it. If we want to give awareness to our coming generations about the supreme objectives of the establishment of Pakistan and want to make the country a welfare state then we should keep on remembering the sacrifices that were laid in the movement of Pakistan.

The nation should begin the movement of completion of Pakistan in the same style, so that the conspiracies to sabotage the Ideology of Pakistan and constitution of Pakistan can be made unsuccessful. According to an international report in the list of rule of law Pakistan is on 98th position among 102 countries. Corruption, ignorance, poverty, unbalance and extremism flourish in the absence of rule of law.

The majority of people is deprived of their rights only because they are ignorant of their rights and responsibilities. The fuedals, sardars and rich people want to keep the nation in ignorance according to a planning.

The establishment of Pakistan was not the result of any temporary passion or emotional thought but the idea and model of Islamic welfare state of Madina established by the Holy Prophet (SAW) was in its background. In which the common citizen had the rights equal to the existing ruler.

The situation of peace and stability was that a lonely woman wearing a lot of jewellery was able to travel from Sana to Hazarmot and no one had the courage to trouble her.

The rulers patrolled at night. The rulers who were full of passion to serve the people ; they shivered that they had to be answerable to Allah. They kept themselves busy for the service of the people.

No doubt the great leaders who fulfilled the objective of the struggle of Pakistan had the same model of Islamic state. The people who sacrificed their lives in the movement of Pakistan regard it as a mosque. They were bearing the troubles and miseries not for the establishment of a state but for the establishment of a mosque. Their sacrifices made the impossible something that is possible.

Allah Almighty accepted their sacrifices and blessed them with a great state that was the second state based on Kalma Tayyaba after the state of Madina which was established under the supervision of the Holy Prophet (SAW). The nation had prayed to Allah to bless them with a separate piece of land so that they could be able to spend their lives according to the teachings of Islam. After it they made a history of sacrifices and Allah Almighty showered His blessings on them.

Now this country is still looking for the nation who prayed to Allah for this piece of land and promised to live a life according to Islam. The country and state is present but the nation who gave supreme sacrifices, struggled historically and astonished the world with their loyalty of purpose is absent.

The Caravans of migrants robbed and wounded when reached at the Pakistani borders fell on the ground emotionally. They loved and kissed the ground like a mother who meets her missing son and tries to absorb him in her heart. After reaching at the border they raised the slogan of

and the refugees of the other side responded in the same tone. They met the land firstly and then their relatives. They wept and sobbed and said “ We are successful”.

The nations are identified with their views and beliefs. These views and beliefs become their identification. When a nation becomes faithless to its ideology it is wipped off. The followers of western civilization in Pakistan are trying to lead the nation to a destruction.

It is being said that establishment of Pakistan was on the basis of economic problems. Muslims were the victims of poverty in India. They did not have govt jobs. The attitude of govt was partial with them. No doubt it was correct and Muslims were poor.

But the Quaid-e-Azam while talking to the British lord said “Hindus and Muslims not only have a separate identification but their manners of life, cultures, foods and dresses are also separate”. The hero of a nation is the worst enemy of the other nation. Muslims are different from Hindus, Sikhs and other nations of India in all aspects.

Allama Iqbal rejected the view of united nation of Hindus in his address in Allahbad. He said “Muslims and Hindus can never be one in any definition of nationality”.

The people who think in this way they must know that Hindus always wanted to rule the Muslims. Today Muslim population in India is more than the population of Pakistan but their representation in assemblies is not more than 2.5 percent. The slaughter of cows for food is being banned in India.

Hundreds of events of the killing of Muslims, demolition of masajid and destruction of muslim villages are being reported in international media. So, we have to return to our same basis and ideology.

I think it is necessary that nation should struggle to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state. The nation should arise with the spirit of the movement of Pakistan for the movement of the completition of Pakistan. Only Islam is a guarantee for existence of this country.

We should get rid of corrupt and dishonest morphia, who has occupied the country. A process of accountability should be started. Everyone whether it is bureaucracy, judiciary, army or government should be trialed and punished.

Pakistan is the gift of Allah Almighty. If we shall not care for it and fulfill our promise with it; we may face destructive consequences. Our problems and difficulties may increase further.