The Federal Minister of Interior Ch. Nisar has apparently clarified that the C.O.A.S. cannot be changed amidst war situation simply by some persons. This is a disparaging statement, as Dharna of PTI has since long past. What was the need to mention the above at this time short of people assuming that it was meant to pressurize C.O.A.S. who has been proactive at all fronts namely floods, anti terrorism and economic corridor. People assume that issuing such statements at this time is meant to put C.O.A.S. on the defensive. The recent meeting of C.O.A.S. with P.M. was shown on T.V channels which showed a glum P.M. sitting in a defiant mood while C.O.A.S. was looking normal but a bit blushing in appearance. No doubt P.M. was absent for about 10 days in his foreign junkets of visits including Umrahs and private functions. May be he is irked by the proactive C.O.A.S. compared with his lacklustre image being projected on the national scene, and wanted to clip the wings of C.O.A.S. The Federal Minister of Interior has dutifully played the game of his master making an unsavoury statement at the wrong time which has only confused the people as it is seen as an attempt at wrong projection of the sullied image of C.O.A.S. which is unwelcome at this time.


Lahore, August 5.