LAHORE - Syed Jamil, owner of Syed Jamil and Company Pvt, which recently signed an agreement with Pakistan Railways for operating two trains: Hazara and Fareed Express, has said the company try to provide best facilities to passengers of the trains.

Giving details of the agreement, Jamil said the trains would operate in August under the public-private partnership.

Besides these two trains, the railways would also privatise Khushal Khan Khattak and Bolan Express

Jamil added that internet and top dining services would be provided to the passengers. “The company has upgraded the coaches and introduced furnished washrooms, including other facilities,” he elaborated.

He also said that Hazara Express had 110 watts of electricity, which was insufficient to power fans and the government had promised to provide these coaches with 120 watts of electricity.

He said Fareed Express had Wi-fi and air-conditioning facility.

Giving reasons for purchasing the two trains, Jamil said this was due to the fact that no other train operated on these routes. “Punctuality and discipline would strictly be followed on these routes,” he added.

Jamil advocated long-term relationship with the Chinese company to ensure quality service. He said the Chinese engineers should be hired on Railways’ advisory.

“The ticketing system in our trains has been borrowed from China, the whole of which is computerized,” he said, adding, “For instance, if a man wants to travel in the train with his family, the person on the counter would guide him to go and sit in Coach No.3.”

He contended that with privatisation of Railways, there would be 400 new jobs for the people, which were once 200, and thus the unemployment would reduce.

He said the railway was strictly observing the discipline at all stations and performance of the engines imported from China was also good.

He informed that it was being planned to bring more coaches from China in future. “The railway is being privatised to facilitate the passengers, and, therefore, Jamil and Co. bought two trains,” he added.

He clarified that there was no hurdle from the government. “The companies should invest in railways, as its future is bright,” Jamil maintained.