On the historical day of Independence of Pakistan the Founder /Chairperson Amrana Kaneez Welfare Foundation in her statement mentioned how the country was created in 1947 with untiring efforts of Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah Founder / Father of the nation. She requested the people of country to come a step ahead to built Pakistan to a developed country. The younger generation has a heavy responsibility to take Pakistan out of instable critical and crisis situation. The think tank should come forward to make concrete suggestions to make Pakistan a powerful country. As well said hard work and dedication is key to success. Let’s make a promise to work day and night and set a self example of untiring efforts to built a respect to Pakirtan in the eyes of developed countries. Pakistan zindabad.                                                –Amrana Kaneez

Let's celebrate freedom by promoting human rights in which Respect, Dignity & Equality become a code for living. This will be our role to live up to the dreams if 1947

-Humaira Asghar Ali

"14th August means the realization of a passionate dream which we all need to nurture, cherish and protect. I have always been a die-hard and carried the flag in all my sartorial interpretations. Proud to be a Pakistani!"

–Nilofer Shahid

From my point of view 14th august is  a day to celebrate the true spirit of independence with commitment to better tomorrow but what I see today is  we haven’t achieve many things which we wanted to achieve. Like poverty couldn’t be eliminated, corruption is increasing day by day, couldn’t improve our education system. This creates uncomfortable situations. Pakistan was established for everyone but today only one group is gaining benefits. 

-Asghar Nadeem syed

On this occasion I would like to say the message of Quaid –e-Azam as I used to work with them. Education does not nearly mean academic education. You have to build the character of the future generations. Which mean highest sense of honour, intergrity & sense of responsibility.

 –Iqbal Shafi