LAHORE - The Punjab government has denied the impression that any organised crime groups or gangsters are involved in the missing children.

It says the matter of the missing children has been blown up out of proportion creating wide-scale panic at the public level.

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan, along with Chairperson Child Protection and Welfare Bureau Saba Sadiq, Home Secretary and high ranking police officials told media yesterday that the government was attentive to the situation and adopting every measure to address the problem.

Home Secretary Azam Suleman on the occasion also briefed the participants about the details of missing children and steps adopted. “No organised gangs are involved in the incidents of missing children and nothing is unusual about these happenings this year from the past,” he added.

According to the home secretary, majority of the missing children are those which ran away from home due to various reasons. He informed the till July 25 this years, as many as 767 cases were reported throughout Punjab of which 602 were recovered or returned.

Over the seven years, Saba Sadiq said, the bureau recovered over 4200 children of all age groups from different areas. She said this year so far, 14 infants have been recovered.

To a question, the law minister said that through deep investigations impression has proved wrong that any organised gangs were involved in missing children or their organs were being used for transplantation. He cited the doctors’ report which nullified the possibility that organs of the missing children could be taken out and used for transplantation.