ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) yesterday demanded the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto notice of Quetta bomb blast and fix responsibility on the delinquents and take them to task.

The suo moto proceedings may also ensure that a pre-emptive strategy is prescribed and ordered whereby the law-enforcement agencies are mandated to extend holistic and perpetual security to courts, judges and lawyers in all provinces and Islamabad, and such measures are periodically followed up.

The PBC in its 215th meeting held in the chair of PBC Vice-Chairman Dr Farogh Naseem at Council’s Office here on Saturday urged the federal and Balochistan governments that the culprits behind the conspiracy of Quetta blast be exposed and apprehended before Friday, the 19th August, 2016.

It warned that in case of failure the PBC and all other provincial/Islamabad bar councils and bar associations will hold a public demonstration before the Parliament House on Monday, the 22nd August, 2016 from 11:00am to 01:00pm.

A delegation of PBC, which visited Quetta on 10th August, witnessed the miseries, hardship, and agony being faced by the injured and the victims’ families.

The statement said it is painful that till date no positive efforts have been made by the concerned government/agencies to identify the culprits behind the Quetta blast, in which till date 76 innocent citizens, including 54 lawyers, have died.

The council termed August 8 Quetta blast a national disaster which has shocked not only the legal fraternity but also the entire nation. It is not only attack on the legal fraternity, but it is also transgression of the rule of law and democracy. The council says that such barbaric attacks will never become hurdles in the struggles of the PBC for the rule of law and democracy.

The council said the Quetta incident has exposed the inefficiency of federal and provincial governments and law enforcement agencies and now blame game has been initiated to cover up the tragic incident of Quetta. “The attack was not only pre-planned but there also appear serious security lapses on the part of administration/security agencies,” the statement said.

The PBC urged upon the federal and the Balochistan governments to immediately release a special package to the families of Shuhada and also to the injured who survived this deadliest attack.

The bar said that there also appeared complaints of lack of proper medical facilities immediately required for securing the trauma victims. It is noted with disappointment that the Balochistan province lacks basic medical facilities and in consequence dozens of injured were shifted to Karachi. The respective governments are required to address this issue on priority.

The Council also shows a serious concern at the failure of the government(s) and the law enforcement agencies to implement the National Action Plan in order to curb the menace of terrorism and religious extremism.

The PBC strongly condemns the announcement of a meagre monetary compensation of Rs. 10 million by the Chief Minister of Balochistan. This Council vehemently demands that within 15 days at least Rs 10 million each as monetary support be granted for the rehabilitation of the families of the martyred advocates and Rs 5 million each for the injured advocates of the Quetta blast.

This council further demands that the old-aged parents of the deceased advocates be granted financial relief in the shape of pension for the entire life time of such parents and the education of dependent children may also be made free at all levels by the federal and provincial governments.

The provincial and the federal governments asked to initiate forthwith measures for security arrangements at all Districts and High Courts level throughout Pakistan on the same footing as the National Action Plan.

The federal and provincial governments are called upon to provide insurance cover to all enrolled lawyers. Additionally, the governments are further called upon to establish Shuhada Fund for lawyers who are either martyred or injured on account of terrorism.