LAHORE: Hoisting the national flag atop Jamaat e Islami headquarters Mansoora to mark the 70th Independence day, Ameer, JI, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq on Sunday urged the nation to support the JI in its efforts  to build Pakistan as a truly Islamic welfare state according to the vision of  Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Thousands of people including the Mansoora staff, JI workers, youth and those attending the JI central workshop attended the impressive ceremony charged with emotions and enthusiasm.                  

Terming Pakistan as a part of paradise and the mother’s lap, the JI chief declared “we would defend this homeland at the cost of our lives.”

“I want a Pakistan wherein the rich and the poor would have same facilities of education, health and employment, and where all citizens got justice from courts. We will build such hospitals that if the rulers had heart problem next time, they could be treated within the country instead of in London.”

Sirajul Haq said that Allah had blessed Pakistan with best combination of weathers and a nuclear status. He said the future of Pakistan was bright and was linked with Islam. He said that those who wanted Pakistan, to be secular state should shift to some other country. He said that after the state of Madina, Pakistan was the first state that came into being in the name of Islam.

He said lakhs of men, women and children had sacrificed their lives for this Muslim homeland. However, he said, that soon after the demise of the Quaid e Azam, Pakistan fell into the hands of secular and liberal people who did not have any ideology nor were they aware of the goal before the founding fathers. He said these rulers had betrayed the nation and the country’s ideology. As a result, the country lost her eastern wing and was drifted away from the goal of Islamic revolution.

The JI chief likened Islamabad with a graveyard of living bodies having no sign or warmth of life. He said the enemies of Islam and Pakistan had encircled the country from all sides. India wanted to play with the solidarity of the country. All the four provinces and major cities were gripped with fear and despair. The cities and towns were experiencing bloodshed and the people were disappointed.

He said that if the rulers did not mend their ways, the country could face some major tragedy again.

Srajul Haq said that the Kashmiris were fighting the war of Pakistan’s completion and survival. They had sacrificed their lives for independence and were facing Indian tanks and guns with pieces of stone. He assured the Kahmiris of full support, and said soon a time would come when the people of Srinagar and Islamabad would celebrate independence together.