Pakistan is turning 70 years old on this 14th August. Just before its birthday it has witnessed more than 70 dead on its very own soil. The blast at Civil Hospital Quetta also left more than hundred injured.

There should be an end to these heart wrenching incidents. The screams of victims and their families are still echoing and haunting. Many senior lawyers in Balochistan are dead in the incident that also took the lives of two journalists. We will fight till the end! Yes this nation has decided to put this menace of terrorism to an end because they know there is a “little left”.

Imagine an enemy who can dare to attack a hospital; literally a hospital. Oh it’s the same enemy who did that on Army Public School Peshawar, Gulshan Iqbal Park Lahore and many more places like this. It is becoming obvious that our enemy is playing its last cards. The ongoing Zarb-e-Azab operation is putting its last nail in the coffin. Our enemy is on the run. Targeting vulnerable places is vindicating its defeat. There is a little left!

“Little left” is not so easy to say or do. The one who goes through it knows it better; that how it feels. One cannot even imagine the feelings of a mother or a father or a son or a daughter or a wife or a brother or a sister or even anyone who has lost its love ones the next moment in such an incident. We cannot even imagine the pain, agony and distress from which an injured person or its family goes through.

Here the question is; if a man is stuck in a dust storm, would be helped to inhale pure oxygen? When thick clouds of pungent smoke hover around, will there be any safer haven available to breathe fresh air? The answer is a big NO! Same is the case with us. We are stuck somewhere in between the clouds of this political violence, the picture is blur; we don’t know where we are heading to. The state of oblivion is much obvious. Enough of plans, committees, JITs and all, still we see blood and sniff the gunpowder but there is that gut feeling “little left”.

The tipping point is despite all the efforts made by the governments and operations by the forces we can still see a distress in public. Matter of the fact is since 2003 there are about 6,000 servicemen who have given their lives for this country; a count of around 38,000 civilian lives whose blood has nourished this soil. After Iraq, Pakistan is the country most hit by terrorism. From Nov 2007 till-date there have been more than 400 suicide attacks. Economic loss is apart from this loss; according to an estimate in last twelve years there is an amount of nearly 80 billion dollars in losses that Pakistan has suffered.

USA an alley of Pakistan in this war against terrorism never forgets to repeat the mantra of “DO MORE”. Our neighbouring country India does not forget to blame Pakistan on any small or big incident that happens on their soil. Afghanistan has also its own objectives; which are still damaging Pakistan to a greater extent. This country is at the state of a war, much phase of this ongoing war in over and a little is left.

Enemy targets children and women and is ruthless. Some say its Taliban, some call them Indians, and few think western powers hold the reins of these terrorists and so on. Our enemy should listen with all ears that we are not going to fall. We have given enough of sons and daughters to this soil already and the one point agenda is the sovereignty of this country. People of this country will celebrate its 70th Independence Day with much pride and zeal. Pakistan Zindabad !