LAHORE - Two hardcore TTP terrorists have been caught from Lahore’s Barkat Town, security officials told The Nation yesterday.

The men captured from the area near Shahdara Town, in an intelligence-led search and comb operation of security forces, possibly belong to either main TTP group headed by Fazalullah or its splinter Jamaat-ul-Ahrar responsible for the deadliest two bombings this year.

Besides the aforesaid high-profile pair, another nine suspected militants believed to be belonging to the same two groups have also been apprehended.

The operation was led by a by a key intelligence service’s counter-terror section after carrying out a surveillance operation for some time, security officials told the paper.

ISPR spokesman said the three-hour long combing operation was conducted Saturday evening. Cache of arms and ammunition was also recovered from the possession of the arrested, he added.

When asked about the association of the arrested people and their possible targets, the security officials said details could be made public after thorough interrogations.

They said, according to the initial assessment, the nine suspects – other than the two hardcore militants - could be sleeper units of the banned outfits.

The JuA had claimed responsibility for the two deadliest suicide attacks this year – the one targeting Christians in Lahore’s Gulshen-e-Iqbal in April and the other targeting lawyers in a Quetta hospital this week. Led by Omer Khalid Khorasani, this group is operating from Afghanistan.

The main TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) group, which is being led and controlled by Afghanistan-based Mullah Fazalullah, has reportedly planned to attack border parade at Wahga near Lahore and Ganda Singh Border in Kasur district on August 13, 14 and 15, according to a threat alert of Nacta issued on August 9. TTP had dispatched two suicide bombers to the two border points, it added.