KPK C.M. is another opponent of KBD and supporter of Bhasha Dam, although Bhasha dam site has 45 MAF of water and KBD site has 90 MAF of water. Now KPK has only 5 percent irrigated area of Pakistan and as per Water Accord of 1991 allowed 14% share of KPK if the dam had been built. As a result KPK will remain undeveloped for the foreseeable future. KPK complains of other provinces using its share of water but until and unless KBD is built, KPK cannot get additional water and only 5 percent irrigated area of Pakistan would remain the fate of KPK for their refusal to built a water storage dam. Can’t the D.I.K leaders see the folly of their stand of opposing KBD which amounts to refusal to use their share of stored water. The leaders of KPK are requested to reconsider the water in their own interest. 


Lahore, July 28.