Democracy as a system is the talk of the town today in Pakistan. I personally feel that democracy is by far the best system to run a state. Democracy is all about the transparency and public’s right to know but unfortunately, everything in this country has been top secret. Americans disclose their confidential files for the public after a certain time but here everything is hidden from us. Hamood ur Rehman commission report was never disclosed officially but surprisingly an Indian newspaper found and published it. The Model town JIT report is nowhere to be seen. CPEC hype has engulfed the country but literally, we public cannot know anything about the treaties signed regarding project roots neither we know how we would pay that 53billion debt to China in the near future and what are the interest rates on the debt. Democracies don’t work that way. Through your newspaper, I request to responsible authorities in the government to please show us some respect and let us know the reality. This is our democratic right. 


Madinah Munawra, August 1.