The time of independence celebration is very near. People will go around the city to celebrate the creation day of Pakistan on 14 August. It has been observed that people celebrate this day in different ways, some youngsters bring out their noisy bikes, some decorate their houses with flags and other kind of decoration pieces and some celebrate functions to show their patriotism with their country.  

But for a moment we should ponder over that if all these ways of celebration are constructive or destructive. Indeed, the answer will be destructive because we all know that these all cannot be helpful to flourish our state. I would prefer that the way of celebration for Independence Day should be constructive, effective and helpful for the growth of our country. This time we should plan to celebrate this day by growing plants, by removing filth and helping our nation in different matters. Let’s make this day a ‘tabeeli day’ in Pakistan. 


Karachi, August 3.