I never meant to suggest that Christians in my letter on Christianity sent July 2, should become Jews, since the Book of Revelations prophecies have been coming true, (as I have personally opened 5 Seals plus 3 prongs of the Sixth Seal since 2004 and can provide detailed proofs in the future), but it has been changed, since I do not believe that Jesus Christ was the So-called ‘Son’ of God. Christians should adopt non-Trinity Christ faith, or Judeo-Sunni Islam, not Judaism. I have no reason to doubt that only 144,000 male Jew Virgins will be saved by faith in Jesus Christ.  

The rest will either have to embrace non-Trinity Christ faith (excluding the pseudo-Christ cults of Jehova’s Witnesses and Mormon LDS) or Judeo-Sunni Islam for salvation. Because, Yahweh is the 100th secret attribute of God, kept secret from Muslims for over 1400 years, because there has been a universal prohibition on uttering the name out aloud by Jews, until I discovered it over a decade ago, as a former sleeper, recruited without my knowledge or consent by an Uncle of mine, and drugged by him in 1992. When President GWB#43 found out from me, he had U2 put it into one of their albums, “How to dismantle an atomic bomb”, as a song by the name “Yahweh”. Are Muslims Jews? A kind of special Jew, since we have the Holy Koran, which Jews do not possess, after all, we are all Children of Abraham.  

Also Israel is ‘the beast’ described in Revelations, see the Jew-American Rap/Hip Hop group “The Beastie Boys” founded by Jews and “The Daily Beast” (News) also founded by American Jews. The mark of the beast is 666, and the Star of David has 6 points, see Sheikh Mujib ur Rehman 6 points, which to me is a clear indication that he was an Israeli Agent whose job was to break up United Pakistan. Thank God he never became PM Pakistan. Also the President USA, Donald trump, has a Jew Son-in-law whose family owns the 666 5th Avenue building. Remarkable coincidence? The Second Beast in Revelations is USA.  

The ‘Sword [that] shall wound the beast’ (Israel) is the Saudi Sword of Islam, see Saudi flag. I’m the first person in 1900 years to decode the Book of Revelations secrets, including this. I can’t call myself Jesus Christ because of PPC-295C. So I won’t. 


USA, July 29.