As the month of August approaches, the zest and enthusiasm of every Pakistani gets more jubilant and ecstatic. And why one should not be overjoyed as it’s the month of Independence, when Pakistan appeared on the map of the world as a new Muslim state. One shows respect and love for motherhood throughout the year but certainly August brings special smile on the faces of Pakistanis. Our country which is in continuous process of struggle and is facing new challenges everyday has surely some more worthy things to tell than its negative reflections to rest of the world.

One can point out many problems in our country but this does not mean that there is no optimism and hope in it. We have 13th largest armed forces in the world capable of defeating any enemy, and have regions not only full of beauty and serenity but mineral rich too. Timely investment in health, education, human resources and social sector are bringing positive outcomes though bit slowly. We have the passionate and talented youth with exceptional gifted abilities in the field of science and technology, sports, social sciences, arts and other disciplines. It was in past that Pakistan was often quoted as a terrorist sponsoring country but now the world knows it’s the only country which has defeated insurgency and militancy on its soil with limited economic and military means. Though still Pakistan is tackling the jeopardy of terrorism but those people which are maligning and damaging Pakistan are not hidden and state is curbing those elements wisely. As this beautiful country celebrates National Minority Day on 11 August, while lauding the white part of its flag and appreciating the sacrifices and contributions of this community in Pakistan, it is placed as the world’s least racist country on global index.

Recently, when the FIFA World Cup fever was on everywhere, world witnessed that Pakistan is one of the largest producer of hand sewn footballs and the quality of sports goods produced by Pakistan matches none other. Though we are the first Islamic nuclear nation on the world map, we must not forget that Pakistan accredits to itself for the country having largest ambulance network, owns highest mountain peak K-2 which is second largest globally, second largest salt mines Khewra, largest earth filled dam Tarbela, longest glacial system, and the only fertile desert in the world. During the general elections, held in July 2018, Pakistanis chose new democratic government which is expected to work more for betterment of country. It must be remembered that instead of cursing our political system and blaming others, we can improve ourselves by making our domain better. Though it’s really difficult to bring change overnight but slowly and gradually, united we stand we can do all. Successful nations have focused on the education of their people. Pakistan needs to upgrade its literacy rate and lack of quality education. Need of the hour is to develop culture of learning science and technology, have better infrastructure, and growing industry with new innovations. Research and development will absolutely supplement as world focus on such core areas for succeeding. Our youth serving abroad should think how they can put Pakistan on better ranking in the field of innovations and fill the gaps. We have brains and intelligence but that needs proper direction. We have challenges of growing population, health, food and water scarcity and security of common man but all these problems can be countered with proper utilisation of funds, resources and policy. Sincerity and loyalty to the nation is one aspect that Pakistan needs from all of us. We all need to be responsible, honest and law abiding citizens of our country. Be proud of what we are and should not be ashamed of or apologetic about our cultural values, language and history. Countries take their history as their asset and we should be proud of our visionary leader great Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who along with other dedicated companions was able to carve out Pakistan on world map. Helping children understand the meaning of freedom and providing them such environment in which they can enjoy the true essence of freedom is responsibility of the State.

India promotes itself as incredible India but we forget that we can also make Pakistan incredible by promoting tourism in it. Pakistan is blessed with most beautiful places in northern areas which if maintained can bring lot of tourists in country. Improvement in infrastructure, farming, agriculture, water reservoirs, energy sector, health, education and social sector can bring Pakistan, a dignified name. Despite international pressures for having weak economy, we can overcome challenges by nascent steps to strengthen it. On international front Pakistan needs to have better relations with all countries and foreign policy needs to be revised with those who are defaming Pakistan globally. August marks the birth of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and suggests political struggle and triumph of leaders of that time. Let’s not forget that we are one proud nation that has rich cultural values and a glorifying past. It’s high time we understand the value of an independent state we have been blessed with and work to make it the nation our forefathers dreamt of. Let’s make a commitment to serve our country and make every possible effort to make it a peaceful and prosperous nation as our Quaid said, “With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.”


The writer works at an Islamabad based think-tank.