LAHORE-This Eid we had three big movies releasing simultaneously and out of all these, ‘HeerMaan Ja’ managed to create a buzz with its out-of-the-box comic value, romantic storyline and some great music.

The title alone had the power to create curiosity in conjunction with the unconventional bride on the poster.

‘HeerMaan Ja’ revolves around Kabeer and Heer, who studied together in college. Kabeer falls head over heels in love with Heer and the two love birds seem to be pretty enthusiastic to spend their lifetime together, but eventually Kabir moves on to become an architect, while Heer is left behind because of circumstances caused by her conservative family.

Being apart for so long, Kabeer realises his fault in a past transgression against Heer, and goes back to her to apologize, but instead they both get into a series of troubles, as Heer plans to run away from her own wedding.

Not wanting to post any more spoilers from the movie, all we can say is that the Heer/Kabeer reunion years later is fiery enough to turn Kabeer’s life upside down, while perpetrating an epic rush of hilarious laughter, love, and thrill!

‘HeerMaan Ja’ has totally lived up to all the hype it created! Laced with comedy and romance, the movie also has some action scenes where Ali Rehman Khan and Faizan Sheikh have a go at it, and have undoubtedly proven their mettle.

Hareem Farooq looks beautiful throughout the movie and has wonderfully portrayed an offbeat and quirky Heer. From her makeup, dresses, and jewelry, to her outstanding performance, she has totally nailed it in the movie.

Hareem Farooq blazes as a force to be reckoned with in ‘Heer Maan Ja’ and the on-screen chemistry of Ali Rehman is something to look out for.

Moreover, the remarkable performance by Mojiz Hasan, Shamayle Khattak, and Aaminah Sheikh adds flavor to the movie that blends well with the lead actor’s journey.

The soundtrack of the movie had been released earlier and it already garnered rave reviews from all over.

Out of all of them, the title track for sure takes the trophy, while Addi Maar has made it to be the latest hit dance number of this shaadi season.

All in all, HeerMaan Ja has been a fun watch and it feels great to see how our cinema is flourishing with productions like HeerMaan Ja proving to be a step-up for the Pakistani film industry.