A famous English writer Eli Khamarov defines poverty as “punishment for a crime you didn’t commit”. Making tall claims while political campaigns is a piece of cake. Similarly, identification of issues and using them as a propaganda to tarnish the reputation of governing political party is a common thing in politics. Propaganda plays an important role in politics to shape public opinion in a specific way. Imran Khan emerged as a populist leader and hinted at various hot issues. He also used different social, political and economic issues as a gimmick to get public support against Nawaz Sharif. At last, Imran Khan came to power after giving a knock out punch to two dynastic parties PLM-N and PPP.

Although, Khan raised many issues in campaigns against previous government but the dominant factor was corruption. He gave his 90 percent to bring Sharif family and Zardari to book because of their wrongdoings. His second most important focus was economic stability and he is working on that meticulously. He used to think that an honest leadership is the solution of Pakistan’s perennial problems. A considerable time of Imran khan’s government elapsed but still prudent policies for sorting out different problems are yet to be devolved such as human development etc.

One of the manifestoes of Khan was to abate poverty level. Poverty itself paves way for myriads of  shortcomings and maladies in human life. Poverty imbibes in poor a disappointing mindset and it casts a dark shadow over the desires, aims and wishes of  them. Gradually, the poor people take poverty as the result of  inequity of nature towards people and perceive it as a part of their destiny. Overwhelmingly desperate people prone to anti social activities and try to achieve whatever they want but by awkward and illicit ways. How does poverty shape the minds? I got the answer of this question through an experience. One day, I went to a park that was situated at the distance of 15 minutes from my house. That was an evening and the sun was coming back in the setting position. When I entered in the park I saw two children. Both were looking here and there for something to eat. When anybody dropped any wrapper both used to stable their eyes on the wrapper and pick that up. I was noticing their behavior that was explicitly indicating towards abysmal mindset and pathetic life standard. I called them and they came to me with hope to get something. After a brief  introduction of them, I asked them, “Would you like to study?” one of them replied “I don’t know how to study”. I told them, “After getting admission in school, you will be able to study”. They started looking at me with ambivalence. I put another query before them that “What would you like to be?” One replied, “a bandit” and other said with innocence that “a wrapper collector”. At that day, I came to know that how poverty shapes mind and how poverty is a punishment without crime. The vocabulary of poor comes from the lexicon of poverty.

Shortage of food is a result of poverty and cause of  stunted growth, waste and other dangerous diseases which leave the children hollow. According to the “National Nutrition Survey of 2018” conducted by Ministry of health “50pc people in Pakistan can’t afford two meals a day”. It means half of the nation doesn’t have adequate food. In this grievous situation, lacking essential nutrients is a clear thing. The survey report further drew a grim picture of  health it maintains that “Four out of Ten (40.2%) children under five years of age are stunted and 17.7% children are suffering from wasting[1]”. Stunted children can be mentally crippled because of their improper cognitive development. It means that 40.2% children would not be able to think properly due to lack of mental development. A country like Pakistan that is still in search of a way to progress, a mammoth ratio of stunted growth children is not a positive omen. Every child is a life and every life has freedom to explore all os its hidden potentials. A child with mental stagnancy is a child in cage of deprivation.

Human development is a prerequisite to procure a healthy life style. The investment on people is deemed as the best contribution in the development of country. People are state-machinery and state’s power. Development of people is the progress of country.  Ratio of 40.2% stunted children is tantamount to the 40.2pc of state paralysis. It is foremost duty of a state to provide people with their prerogatives. According to UN Human development index 2018, “Pakistan stands at 150  rank out of 189 in Human development index[2]”. This portrays a very stark picture of the state of human development. Owing to insufficient facilities, people yen to relocate in foreign countries. Sometimes, people use illegitimate means to cross border for embarking to another country but in most of the cases they lost their precious lives. One of my friends was saying with disappointing face that “We don’t have basic facilities here in Pakistan and I have got fed up with the suffocated society of Pakistan. I am planning to go Turkey”. Then immediately, an optimistic thought came in my mind and I said “Janab! Pakistan would be changed with the passage of time”. The clouds of disappointment were looming over him and he was not ready to alter his mind. Then I lost in thinking that How many of people like him will be pondering over the option to leave the country?

The significance of Human development can never be overlooked. Turning a blind eye towards people’s necessities or their developments is similar to neglecting the way of progress. Human progress plays a vital role in bolstering up economic muscle of the country. According to an article (Shaping Change) written by Jim Yong Kim, President of World Bank group, “If you draw comparison of 25pc countries which spent more on human development with those 25pc countries which spent less on Human development, there will be 1.4% difference between the GDP each year[3]”. It means the countries with least human development achieve less economic growth than those countries with more Human Development. Human development is sine quo non for progress. A person with poverty who doesn’t have any thing to eat, it will be naïve to expect educational, scientific, technological and intellectual development to him. Without food people can never be progressive as food is energy.

So, poverty is a stumbling block in the way of progress. A comprehensive strategy must be devolved by the Policy makers to extricate the half of nation from the jaws of poverty. Progress without Human Development is a pipe dream. Through ignoring the importance of Human Development, we can further increase the ratio of  stunted growth, dietary issues and poverty. No doubt, Khan’s intentions are clear to bring change but roadmap is still vague. Along with accountability drive, he must focus on human development drive. Instead of figuring out the previous government’s blunders, he must do his duty to make the standard of living better. Without a roadmap a simplest thing is improbable.