ISLAMABAD       -      President Nation­al Peace Committee for Interfaith Har­mony and custodian of the shrine of Hazrat Bari Imam, Peer Syed Ali Gil­lani, urged the Muslims to perform good deeds and give charities in obe­dience to Allah.

On the occasion of Eid ul Azha, he said that our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has urged us to perform good deeds and give charities in obedience to Allah for their salvation.

Offering sacrifice on Eid ul Azha is among the good deeds commanded to us by the Prophet (PBUH) and those who are financially capable must do this religious obligation with solem­nity and simplicity.

He further said that Eid-ul Adha is an occasion for the whole Muslim Ummah to remember the great sacri­fice Prophet Ibrahim made in obedi­ence to the will of God.

“Islam preaches peace and submis­sion to the will of God in any case,” he asserted.

On this occasion, Peer Gillani also expressed solidarity with all Kash­miris brothers who are fighting against Indian barbaric armed forces.

He mentioned that the Indian forc­es have unleashed a spell of tyranny and crossed all limits of human rights violations against the innocent Kash­miris, which is highly condemnable and cannot be tolerated in any way.

He, however, said that one day the flag of freedom of Kashmir will rise with the Pakistani national flag.