ISLAMABAD     -    Couple of high level NEPRA teams are scheduled to visit Karachi within one week to evaluate K- Electric preparedness during the past two rain spells and its past and future investment in infrastructure as the death toll caused by electrocution in the metropolitan reached 29.

Chairman NEPRA Tauseef H. Farooqi will visit Karachi on the first working day after Eid and will meet the K-electric officials on Saturday to discuss the performance and response of the company with particular reference to the loss of precious lives during past two spells of rain, official source told The Nation.

The second team led by vice chairman NEPRA Bahadur Shah, who is also in charge Monitoring and Execution(M&E), along with DG and other concerned official of the authority will fly to Karachi on Monday and will discuss the matter pertaining to past and future investment in the infrastructure in the metropolitan city of Karachi, the loss of precious lives and the enforcement of company’s SOPs in distribution system, said the source. One team comprised of senior officials is already in Karachi since the start of second spell of rain, the source said.

The source said that the current chairman NEPRA is mainly concerned with the loss of precious lives and K-Electric has to satisfy the regulator in this regard. NEPRA has directed K-Electric to take effective remedial measures to save human lives at any cost and ensure continuous supply.

When asked about the possible NEPRA action against K-Electric, the source said that the regulator response will be based on three different reports. “First we are waiting for K-Electric response on the issue, the second is regulator’s own facts finding team report and third one is the NEPRA’ s complaint cell report,”. NEPRA is also evaluating whether K-Electric is following its own Standard Operation Procedure (SOPs) in the installation of poles and electricity transmission or not.

“Nepra has taken stock of situation due to heavy rain and consequently it’s adverse impact on electricity distribution network in Karachi. Nepra is closely liaising and has directed KE to take all possible measures primarily to ensure safety of human beings. Restoration of supply and attending complaints of consumers must also be done effectively and efficiently”.

The source said that the high ups of NEPRA are in constant touch with CEO K-Electric and on Tuesday they have informed that out of total 1800 feeders only 70 are currently offline and are yet to be restored and they are closed mainly due to safety reasons.

At least 9 people lost their lives in rain-related incidents in Karachi on Sunday as the city experienced second heavy monsoon showers of the season. It is pertinent to mention here that in less than two week electrocution had taken the lives of 29 people in the metropolitan city of Karachi. The first torrential rain killed 20 people while the second spell taken the lives of 9 people. Soon after the first spell of rain occurred on 29th and 30th July, NEPRA had directed Karachi Electric (KE) to consider compensation and rehabilitation of the victims affected by electrocution. According the K-electric stance all the deaths didn’t occur due to the power company distribution system as some people died in their houses while some other were died in the private housing societies where there K-Electric is not supplying electricity.

The actual reason and numbers of death caused by the K-Electric system is not yet known and they are waiting for the facts finding team in this regard, the source added.