ISLAMABAD - China on Thursday provided NDMA with additional one thou­sand Bipap Ventilators to en­hance efforts to fight Covid-19 pandemic. 

Addressing the handing over cer­emony of ventilators in Islamabad, Lt. Gen. Muhammed Afzal said, “The friendship between Pakistan and China is as sweet as honey and deeper than the sea. But over the past four months, a new form of friendship has emerged. Cooper­ation with the Chinese Ambassa­dor to Pakistan increased in every meeting.” 

He said that assistance rendered by China to Pakistan in the Coro­na situation was unforgettable. He revealed that Pakistan was being provided with 50 spray units from China to combat the forthcoming danger of locust coming from In­dia and Africa. 

NDMA Chairman claimed that situation in Pakistan was under control. 

“There is nothing to worry about Corona as it has decreased in Pakistan, but it is not over yet and people should not miss the precautionary measures,” said Afzal. 

He also briefed the media about cleansing of drains in Ka­rachi. “According to the orders of the Supreme Court, work is be­ing planned on Karachi’s drains and will start from Monday,” he said. 

Speaking on the occasion, the Chinese Ambassador Xiao Jing shared a few words with the me­dia while delivering the ventila­tors. 

Xiao Jing said, “This is a big chal­lenge for Pakistan and China and this challenge encompasses the world as well.” He showed his gratitude for Pakistan saying that the country was the first country till now to help China in this mat­ter. 

“The Prime Minister of Pakistan was the first to announce to help the Chinese government and peo­ple. The Chinese government and people are grateful to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Pakistani brothers and sisters. Efforts by Pakistan and China have helped overcome the Covid-19 situa­tion. It is a miracle that the gov­ernment and people of Pakistan overcame Covid-19 so quickly,” Xiao said.

Keeping 14th August in mind, Xiao said that Independence Day of Pakistan was a blink away and China was happy to see that rela­tionship was getting stronger and stronger with time.