PESHAWAR - Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Shah Farman, while felicitating the whole na­tion on the auspicious Day of Indepen­dence, said that we salute the vision of our leaders who remained actively in­volved in Pakistan’s Movement and de­cided to acquire a separate homeland for the Muslims of Sub-Continent. 

“In modern times, the predicaments of the Muslims in Indian Illegally occu­pied Jammu & Kashmir and India bears witness to the fact that opting for a sep­arate Muslim state i.e., Pakistan was absolutely an apt decision,” he said. 

The Governor said that after a long struggle and countless sacrifices by the Muslims, Allah Almighty final­ly bestowed us with an independent and sovereign state on 14th August, 1947. 

“Indeed, independence is the great­est blessing of Allah Almighty which we must cherish. We are enjoying an independent atmosphere and need to shun our personal, linguistic and sec­tarian differences besides pledging to work in harmony, unity and deter­mination for ensuring prosperity and development of our motherland,” he added. 

He said last year, India challenged our sovereignty; however, it was giv­en a befitting response by Pakistan Air Force which was nothing but the re­flection of our sovereignty and defense system besides a strong message to the enemy that they must not remain in any self-delusion about Pakistan. 

He also prayed for the independence of persecuted Muslims living in Indi­an Illegally occupied Jammu & Kash­mir and hoped that their long-drawn-out struggle as well as sacrifices would certainly bear fruits in the near future. 

“I feel immense pleasure to realize that our youths are patriotic and deter­mined for progress and therefore, they must remember our heroes of inde­pendence of the country and play their respective role for the development and security of the country,” he added. 

The Governor said, “We also salute our Armed Forces that are committed to safeguard the geographical integri­ty of Pakistan which the whole nation is proud of. Today, with the blessing of ALLAH, Pakistan has become an invin­cible power and no country can cast a devil eye upon our state.” 

“On this day, we must pledge to re­main in unity under our towering flag for the development and prosperity of Pakistan in order to survive with chin up amongst the comity of nations,” he added.