ISLAMABAD - Dozens of students al­legedly affected by down­grading of Cambridge As­sessment International Examination (CAIE) pro­cedure on Thursday pro­tested here and declared the downgrading in re­sults as discrimination with Pakistani candidates.

Students along with their parents carrying placards on downgrading of results by CAIE staged a protest outside Nation­al Press Club (NPC).

A statement released by the protesting students and parents said that in­ternational students from some 160 coun­tries, many from South Asia and Africa, have been treated very differently and with extreme bias.

It said that internation­al schools had submitted expected grades and in some cases A* students have been awarded ‘F’ grades by the CAIE.

“CAIE has not given the same level of considera­tion to those internation­al students and the stu­dents don’t have a right to individual appeal,” statement said.

It said that CAIE have is­sued a statement on Face­book detailing how fair their marking system is and have so far, ignored parent and student objec­tions. These students have no voice which makes it easy for the CAIE to carry on with ‘business as usu­al’ without acknowledg­ing the unfair and biased treatment for which many thousands of kids will suf­fer the consequences for the rest of their lives.