ISLAMABAD - World Health Organiza­tion (WHO) on Thurs­day donated Interagen­cy Emergency Health Kit (IEHK) and IEC Ma­terial to National Health Emergency Prepared­ness and Response Net­work (NHEPRN) to sup­port the response and relief efforts in the wake of the recent floods. 

WHO Representative, Dr. Palitha Mahipala handed over the kits and IEC Material to Dr. Sabina Durani, Director of NEH­PRN. The handing-over ceremony took place at the WHO Country Office, Islamabad.

WHO donation in­cludes 15 IEHK 2015, Basic Module which con­tain medical supplies for 3000 people for one month to meet different health needs in human­itarian emergencies and disasters. It also includes one hundred thousand printed copies of IEC Ma­terial which focuses on transmission of Dengue, its prevention, symp­toms, and immediate treatment.

Recently, the provin­cial office of WHO Kyber Pakhtunkhwa donated 15 IEHK kits to Depart­ment of Healt, KP where­as Balochistan’s WHO of­fice donated 40 IEHK kits to Health Department in Balochistan to handle the emergencies.

In Pakistan, every year floods bring death and destruction in most parts of the country. Flash floods disrupt so­cial and economic fab­ric of the society as well as disturb the ecosystem functions and biodiver­sity. 

As a result of floods, immediate danger to communities is in the form of physical inju­ry, loss of life, damage to infrastructure, mass migration and the in­crease in the number of the risk of water-borne diseases. 

WHO kits contain medical supplies which will help doctors to treat the flood affectees in the emergency. Usually, flood affectees contract many water-borne dis­eases.